OpcAttributes Enum

Namespace: Opc.UaFx
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

Defines members used to refer to one or more OpcAttribute values using combinable values.


public enum OpcAttributes

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnum › OpcAttributes

Attributes FlagsAttribute

Name Value Description
None 0 Refers to none of the attributes identified by the OpcAttribute enumeration.
AccessLevel 131072 Refers the AccessLevel.
ArrayDimensions 65536 Refers the ArrayDimensions.
BrowseName 8 Refers the BrowseName.
ContainsNoLoops 2048 Refers the ContainsNoLoops.
DataType 16384 Refers the DataType.
Description 32 Refers the Description.
DisplayName 16 Refers the DisplayName.
EventNotifier 4096 Refers the EventNotifier.
Executable 2097152 Refers the Executable.
IsHistorizing 1048576 Refers the IsHistorizing.
InverseName 1024 Refers the InverseName.
IsAbstract 256 Refers the IsAbstract.
MinimumSamplingInterval 524288 Refers the MinimumSamplingInterval.
NodeCategory 4 Refers the NodeCategory.
NodeId 2 Refers the NodeId.
Symmetric 512 Refers the Symmetric.
UserAccessLevel 262144 Refers the UserAccessLevel.
UserExecutable 4194304 Refers the UserExecutable.
UserWriteAccess 128 Refers the UserWriteAccess.
Value 8192 Refers the Value.
ValueRank 32768 Refers the ValueRank.
WriteAccess 64 Refers the WriteAccess.