OpcDeadbandType Enum

Namespace: Opc.UaFx
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

Defines how value changes shall be classified as part of the 'deadband' or the 'liveband'. A value which is within (less or equals to) the deadband value is part of the 'deadband'; otherwise it is part of the 'liveband'. Only values part of the 'liveband' are reported when using monitored items within subscriptions.


public enum OpcDeadbandType

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnum › OpcDeadbandType

Name Value Description
None 0 There is no 'band'-logic to be applied to value changes. This means that every value change is part of the 'liveband' and is therefore reported using subscriptions.
Absolute 1 The limit of the 'band'-logic is defined using an absolute value. Only value changes exceeding the absolute value of the deadband value are reported using subscriptions.
Percent 2 The limit of the 'band'-logic is defined using a percent deviation from the default value range of a variable node. This option is only supported in case there a node provides range information. Only value changes exceeding the deadband value (which then expresses the percental deviation) are reported using subscriptions.