RFC 1006 Lib .NET Advanced

RFC 1006 Client and Server development made easy

Successful with only a few lines of code

The RFC 1006 LIB .NET SDK comes with an evaluation license which can be used unlimited for each application run for 30 minutes. If this restriction limits your evaluation options, you can request another evaluation license from us for free.

Just ask our support (via support@traeger.de) or let us consult you directly and clarify open questions with our developers!

RFC 1006 LIB .NET SDK – Evaluation Package1)
Download ZIP Archive of Rfc1006LibNet.Advanced (Version: – 2023-02-02)


.NET Runtime

  • .NET Framework 4.6 or higher, or a .NET Standard 2.0 compatible runtime like .NET Core/.NET 5


  • C#
  • VB.NET

RFC 1006 Lib .NET Advanced Class Library

Here you find the documentation for the API of the RFC 1006 Framework:
1) Your “License Code” turns the package into a productive full version.