Getting started with the IP-S7-Link .Net Advanced COM in Microsoft Excel

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After installing the IP-S7-Link .Net Advanced COM using the Windows Installer Package provided you need to perform the following steps to integrate the library within your Microsoft Excel Workbook to take use of its API in your VBA Macros:

  1. Ensure that Excel does display the developer tools menu band (in german: Entwicklertools). To do so go to the Excel Options (in german: Optionen) and select the menu band configuration (in german: Menüband anpassen). Then activate the developer tools menu band.

    Use the options dialog in excel to activate the appropiate menu band

  2. Select the developer tools menu band (in german: Entwicklertools). Then click on view code (in german: Code anzeigen). This does open the integrated development environment (IDE) to develop your Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macros.

    Activate the developer tools menu band (in german: Entwicklertools)

  3. Select the Extras menu item (in german: Extras). Then click on the references menu item (in german: Verweise). This does open the references dialog. Using this dialog you are able to add additional library's to your Excel Workbook to take use of their functionality provided developing your VBA Macro.

    Open the references dialog to select the appropriate library

  4. Select the browse button (in german: Durchsuchen) to pick up the type library file (*.tlb) which describes the library (*.dll). This file is used by the IDE to recognize the classes, methods, etc. provided by the library.

    Click browse (in german: Durchsuchen) to navigate to type library describing the library

  5. Navigate to the installation folder selected during the setup procedure here we have the default installation location: C:\Program Files\Traeger\IP-S7-Link Advanced for COM\. When the appropriate installation folder has been opened select the IPS7LnkNet.Advanced.Com.tlb file and confirm with the open button (in german: Öffnen).

    Navigate to the installation folder, select the IPS7LnkNet.Advanced.Com.tlb file and confirm with the OK button (in german: Öffnen)

  6. After selecting the IPS7LnkNet.Advanced.Com.tlb you will now find an entry in the references list with the name “Traeger IPS7LnkNet Advanced COM” which is already checked. In case it is not just set your tick. Finally confirm and add the new reference to your Excel Workbook by clicking the OK button.

    Now should the library reference added to the list of references and then it is checked it will be added to your Excel Workbook

  7. After the required reference has been added you are now able to get started with our samples.

    Just take a look at our samples and code snippets to get started