The optimized block access needs to be deactivated in the data block attributes for access to the S7-1500 and S7-1200.
set attribute
In the S7-1500 must be enabled in the communication setting in addition to the PUT / GET access . How this works you see here (snapshot from TIA Portal) .
1500 settings

1. Use the Logo Soft Comfort the IP address of a logo! PLCs:
 Setting the IP address

2. Configure PLCs so that connections from an HMI device accepted the Logo!. To do so, go to “Tools- > Ethernet Connections” and then add a new connection.
 Configuring the HMI device

3. Double-click on the newly created connection to access the properties.
 Connection Properties


  1. Server Connection
  2. Local TSAP: 02:00 - 02:00 decentralized TSAP
  3. accept all connections.

You can access DB1, inputs , outputs, flags , counters and timers with IP -S7 -LINK . Now put on “ Tools- > VM parameter map ” the variables that are to be transferred to the DB1.
 Set Ip address