OpcBrowseNodeContext Class

Namespace: Opc.UaFx.Client
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

Describes a single node accessed by an OpcClient for browsing.


public class OpcBrowseNodeContext : OpcNodeAccessContext

Inheritance ObjectOpcNodeAccessContext › OpcBrowseNodeContext


The OpcBrowseNodeContext is used whenever node browsing is performed using a specific OpcClient. An instance of this class does then provide the OpcNodeId of the node to browse on, the OpcClient, the OpcViewDescription of the view being browsed and a list of OpcNodeId objects identifying the different reference types to include for the browse operation.

Using this class or a scenario specific derivate of this class does simplify the API used for a specific node browse operation by reducing the amount of arguments (bound by the context object) they have to be passed.

Name Description
AddressSpaceExpired Occurs in case the address space of the server the UaFx.Client is conntected to might or has been changed.
Name Description
Attributes Gets the mask used to identify the different attributes to read after a whole layer (controlled by Degree) of nodes has been browsed.
Client Gets the OpcClient used to operate on the node.
(Inherited from OpcNodeAccessContext)
Degree Gets a value indicating the degree of relation to browse at once.
NodeId Gets the OpcNodeId of the node to operate on.
(Inherited from OpcNodeAccessContext)
Options Gets the options used to include and exclude information offered by the server while browsing its address space.
ReferenceTypeIds Gets a read-only collection of OpcNodeId objects used to identify the different reference types to include while browsing the node tree.
View Gets the OpcViewDescription which identifies the view used then browsing the node tree.
Name Description
ToString Returns a string that represents the current OpcNodeAccessContext.
(Inherited from OpcNodeAccessContext)
Update (Inherited from OpcNodeAccessContext)